• Nomvuyo Bengane

    Founder of BizOil Institute – South Africa

    Ellen is a very good coach. Through her coaching I have achieved greater clarity about myself and my goal, and I am more determined to pursue it. She has very good presence. I felt listened to and understood without being judged, as a result she was able to build the trust that is so important in a coaching relationship. As a fellow coach, I admired the quiet way she comfortably dealt with the quiet spaces during coaching. Those quiet spaces where the client takes long pauses to go deeper in self reflection. She has the patience to allow that deep self reflection to happen. I recommend her.

  • Dr. Paola Fiore

    Founder & Director of Eticambiente Consulting, Italy

    Ellen is a great coach, always very gentle, compassionate, collaborative and warm in every question she asks her coachee, and also in every reflection she shares with her client. Ellen is very present during the overall coaching journey with her clients and has an innate ability to fully listen and connect deeply with her coachee. I do recommend Ellen for her coaching style and approach, and I’m very grateful to Ellen for such a beautiful and important journey that we did together in our coaching sessions.

  • Linda Sim

    Director of Strive Consulting, China

    Ellen has an interested, caring and thoughtful approach to her coaching. She listens carefully and summarises her understanding clearly. She is extremely supportive and creates an ambience of safety.

  • Prijana Gunawan

    Pastor, Medan – Indonesia

    My counseling ministry has become much more effective after I completed Certified Counseling Practitioner (CCP) program facilitated by Ellen Patricia. I highly recommend her program to those who want to improve the impact of their counseling ministry.

  • S. Libe Suryopusoro

    Partnership Facilitator, Compassion International – Bandung – Indonesia

    Before attending the Understanding Emotion training facilitated by Ellen Patricia, I did not realize that people around me, and even myself, may have unprocessed unhealthy emotions. The training helped me, as well as our partners, to better understand and deal with unhealthy emotions, hence problematic behaviors can be minimized.

I Believe...

Everyone, without exception, can make progress in work, family, as well as personal life


Trauma Pada Anak

| Pembinaan, Konseling, Pendidikan Anak

  Trauma adalah penyimpanan emosi negatif yang tidak tertangani dengan baik Trauma dapat


| Pembinaan, Konseling, Pendidikan Anak

Fenomena working-moms adalah realita yang semakin banyak terjadi dan perlu disiasati Bila kedua

Mengenal Tahap Pertemanan Anak

| Pembinaan, Konseling, Pendidikan Anak

Pertemanan membentuk karakter anak, baik ke secara positif maupun negatif Pertemanan pada anak