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Heads up

My clients invest from $200 to $5,000 to work with me. More importantly, they invest their time, their energy and their full openness to growing in all areas of their lives. My work is not for everyone. I audition my client. I only work with people who are willing to do what it takes to manifest their dreams.


– Accelerator Partnership

I measure my service by the creativity and value I create in supporting my clients achieving their dream and/or overcoming their challenges.In this 1-on-1 program you can “rent my brain” for 60 minute & you can divide the time to best suite your need. What you will get is more clarity, more confidence & 1 step to move forward.

Your investment : USD 200 / IDR 3,000K (time duration : max. 1 month)


– Fierce Sprint

You are a successful person & you want to get more prepared to creating greater impact. If you want an accelerated approach to achieve that, this is for you. I will both coach & mentor you.I will bring all my coaching expertise, as well as all my experiences in creating results in life, to support you through three 1-hoursessions.

Your investment : USD 570 / IDR 8,000K (time duration : max. 1 month)


– Service Upleveling

There are subtle nuances in coaching and counseling sessions that can only be mastered through both practice & supervision. I am an award-winning coach & counselor. If you are ready to deepen your mastery of coaching / counseling skill, I will support you. We will work together 1-on-1in 5 sessions of 30-60 minute.

Your investment : USD 1,100  / IDR 15,500K (time duration : 3 – 6 months)


– Creation Power

As humans, we can experience exponential growth& accomplish things that others perceive as impossible, as long as we have the right support.If you want support in birthing your new program and you are open to creating possibilities & do things differently, bring your dream or your fear to this program. We will handle them together. I will hold your hand through 6 biweekly sessions, as both your coach & your consultant. You can capitalize onmy wide experiencesand exposure, & I will avail myself to review your drafts in between calls.

Your investment : USD 1,809  / IDR 25,500K (time duration : 3months)


1-on-1 Session

When one does not have any thought, intention, or commitment to a different future, one will enter into a default future. If you don’t want such scenario for your life, reach out to me when you are ready to do what it takes. Together, we will create a package that is highly personalized to your specific desires and/or goals, to creatively move towards a designed, different future for you.As Marshall Goldsmith said, what get you here, won’t get you there. If you say “YES” to this, we will meet weekly or biweekly, and your life will change.

Your investment : USD 2,340  / IDR 33,000K (time duration : 3-6 months)


Disciple Journey

I am a high-achiever. It is evident in my corporate career track record & the many awards& recognitions which I have received. I believe there is always a better way to be & to do things. As such,I always develop myself personally & professionally. I invest a huge amount of money, time, & energy for that.

One of my passions is to support extra-ordinary peoplewho already have a track record of succes, to rise up to their next levels. In this program I take 1 person as my disciple for the period of 1 full year.If you embark on this journey, you will gain entry to every program that I run, plus being coached & mentored by me personally.If you are interested in an intensive &extensivedevelopment program, &are seriously ready to commit the required time & energy to rise up to your new level, reach out to me to explore if this is a good fit for you.

Your investment : USD 5,355  / IDR 75,500K (time duration : 1 year)